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Or Me IRL!


Though, I prefer to be called Griffin...

Stamp - Mouse User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear

You can RP here with me!


My Roleplay information is now private for me only!
if you wish to know and your a friend of mine.

Older user to Animaljam: Jammer4570

Get to know me Better!

Anxiety Stamp by SpikytasticMusic is my Escape Stamp by SpikytasticDepression Stamp by Spikytastic
This must be very true for everyone by JinarchyAlways tired... by prosaixAvoidant Stamp by Spikytastic
I don't bite by Fyi-SusI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkHEARTLESS stamp by DeviantSith
I Don't Mind Profanity Stamp by Sugary-Stardustyee (Stamp) by ghoulrGet That Shit Away From Me by Sugary-Stardust
I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stampsDA stamps:I love Halloween III by eleoyashaPiercing Stamp by ladieoffical
horn love stamp by DelfimI like them biter by She-SharkI Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle
moon stamp by creamwaveDA Stamps:purple n black freak by eleoyashaNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

My inspirations:
Warriors Stamp by GoldencloudFan-Made Warrior Cats Stamp by VampsStock

Online Siblings:

Amazing Friends:
Nothing but Bff's Thats all I have
I love my best friend by najmoI Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky

SkullFamily Co-Owners:

I Fan girl for some anime's... Yea. <3

Tokyo Ghoul - Stamp by Kheila-S
STAMP: Tokyo Ghoul by BickslowFTKaneki-Stamp by Niche7Kaneki ken stamp 2 by Lemon-Stamps
Yato OP Stamp by MultiDanita123Stamp - Noragami [Yato] by teriani16Stamp - Yato 02 by teriani16
F2U stamp: Judal from Magi the Labyrinth of Magic by Aqua-Spirit22stamp 88 by NobumeF2U stamp: Sinbad from Magi the Labyrinth of Magic by Aqua-Spirit22
Chat Noir by Re-thoLadybug x ChatNoir 1 by Rumay-ChianChat Noir by Re-tho

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If the Cannibals forest had Angels too.... Who would you be? 

19 deviants said Angels!!!
15 deviants said Demons!!!
5 deviants said That middle shit... Normal? Mortal? I donno.


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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Inspired by Erin Hunter's Warriors Book's

Total known: 51
Actual Roleplay Count: To be honest, we lost count.


(Male- O->) (Female- O-+)


Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfCoonTail (The maker of the Cannibals forest, First demon, Uncle to Bonestar)O->


Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfDarkSong/Star (Brother to Coontail. Father to Bonestar,Swiftstar, TigerTalon, ShadowFoot) O->
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfSilverRing (Mate to DarkStar)
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfBonefur/star (Leader of Moonclan, Starclanner. Mother to Skullstar) O-+
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfEclipsedGlare/Star (Mate to Bonestar)O->
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfSwiftStorm/star (Leader of a different Thunderclan. Sibling to Bonestar) O-+
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfShadowFoot (Sibling to Bonestar) O-+
Bulletbrown by Wooded-WolfTigerTalon (Sibling to Bonestar. Darkforest Follower) O->


Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfSkullFace/star (First Super evil in all of the clans/Family. Is Second demon lord of Cannibals Forest)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfClawFace (Sibling to Skullface/star) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfFallenFeather (Cousin to Skullstar. Owned by GrimmDissy)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfBloodFeather/star (Was leader of SkullClan. Was Cannibalistic)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfOwleye (Only mate to Bloodstar. Was a Darkforest Follower.) O-+
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfSkeletonfoot/star (Bloodstar's Brother ^Not my old Charrie^) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfRedTail/star (Starclan leader born under Bloodstar)
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfShatterHeart/star (Switched to Starclan in the end of his life) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfSilentStep/star (Sibling to Redstar and Shatterstar. Not mine)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfBlackwing (A great Starclan warrior who died almost becoming a deputy)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfSpiderLeap/star (Was stolen and brought to a DF clan to become great like Bloodstar. Was Cannibalistic) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfBatFlight/star (Dark Brown tom who lived like Spiderstar, His father) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfShadedheart (a tom exiled from the clans who soon turned into Shade)O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfCleaver (Large Tom who mated with Widow to bring Halfkit into the clans again. Halfkit then soon turned into a great Dark forest leader) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfWidow (Is not in the family, other then giving birth to Halfstar) O-+
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfHalfheart/star (Led SkullClan. Was Cannibalistic) O->
Bulletgrey by Wooded-WolfMissingheart/star ( born a Deathclanner. His father is Halfstar) O->


Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfRavagedWish (Father of Stitched, Son of Missing. A Rogue group Leader) O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfStitchedDance/Star (Leader to DeathClan Reborn. 5x's Great Grandson to Halfstar) O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfScarletStare (Mother to DevilKit) O-+
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfDevilHeart/star (Son of StitchedStar) O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfHellishBlaze (Son of DevilStar)O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfRavagedStar (Creator of the Kingdom of Crazies. His lineage is linked to MissingStar. Cannibalistic) O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfHavocSplat (Reincarnation of Coontail, our first cannibal lord. And son of RavagedStar. Cannibalistic)O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfSnaredSight (Son of HavocSplat, Soul made by Skullstar, Blind med cat. Cannibalistic) O->
Bulletblack by Wooded-WolfNightStroke(Shecat assassin born under Snaredsight. She plans on being Emperor of The Empire of the Cannibals Forest.) O-+


Bulletred by Wooded-WolfOpaqueGlare (StitchedStar's Sister) O-+
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfWidowShade (Father to GhostKit) O-+
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfPantherKit (Son to OpaqueGlare, Owned by CatNamedFallen)O-+
Bulletred by Wooded-WolfGhostMask (Son to OpaqueGlare) O->


Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfHexGaze/Star (Was creator of ExorcistClan. Also 10x's Great Grandson of Bloodstar) O->
Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfOdessa (Mate to HexStar) O-+
Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfHexar (Hex's Sister( Owned by someone Else)) O->
Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfDecayedWish/star (Son of HexStar, Leader of RuinClan) O->
Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfWidowWeb (Daughter to Decayed) O-+

Owner to Branch:Grimmdissy:
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfFallenFeather(Cousin to Skullstar) O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfNettleBranch(Daughter of FallenFeather)O-+
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfFlipSide(Decedent of SkullStar)O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfBloodBath(Brother to Flipside)O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfFallenJay(Brother to Flipside)O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfHollowSeason(Son of Flipside)O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfColdHeart(Son of HollowSeason)O->
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfColdBlood(Daughter of ColdHeart)O-+
Bulletamber by Wooded-WolfGrimFate(Brother to ColdBlood)O->

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Fan Art Feature

Check It Out :CO: by Nebula-Nox

Paw #14 by Muffle-ReSWanna show your love?Paw #14 by Muffle-ReS

hell (in the form of three cats) by redrockss Griffin  by Elovey I'm gonna fight em' off by Castliv GriffinBlood by Raytesar you shouldn't have come here by redrockss too bad she married a psychopath by redrockss Thank You for the Amazing FriendShip! by I-IaloVVolves Griff and COSMOS// SHIPP by XxDarkhour Gift Art // Hexgaze by Grizz-Bear Halfstar by NeonCandyLights Halfstar by LedoggehSilentstar GhostMask by ZanderCross SkullStar the Strong by GrimmDissy Voodoo by GrimmDissy Stitchedstar by xxhailpathxx bloodstar by RavensCavern Swiftstar Contest Entry by Grizz-Bear


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Mechanical Hands :CO: by Nebula-Nox

Paw #14 by Muffle-ReSPLEASE HELP AND DONATE TODAY!!!Paw #14 by Muffle-ReS

The goal was met!
However, now we gotta get to 4,000 all over again!
Before march 2018 I gotta have that.
But lets be honest, thats a long time from now and im sure we can do it!
Everyones support is awesome!
Thank you soooooo much.

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i've been really busy today.
For those of you in our group, i might not be on at all.
Im dealing with my cat having a flea issue and we've been handling it as much as possible.
I also have friend things, school things like a dance.
Im socializing and being active.
Sorry! keep things going for me guys <3
Yes, i am posting about my group.
However, that is for the people who are apart of it since many of them actually watch me.
Therefore, if you see something about my group, please do not get involved.
My group members and I can handle these situations ourselves unless you've told me you're interested in joining.
My rage is growing by the second :|
But everyones vanished for some reason.
So im here trying to ball up everything cause people.

-Loud angry grunting-
literally im getting so pissed at how inactive people are becoming on my group and no one tells me anything like "Hey, sorry if im inactive a bit. I have a ton of homework lately!" like that takes 3 minutes to do. thats not long.
PLus its active members going inactive.
Im getting irritated.
Well I tried to ask a guy to homecoming but he said he was going solo :(
Hes nice but he's not interested in girls for some reason.
Ima be one of those people who never had a date to a dance or a real relationship all the way through High school. I didn't want to be that >:U


Sep 24, 2016
2:54 pm
Sep 24, 2016
9:25 am
Sep 23, 2016
7:58 pm
Sep 23, 2016
6:20 pm
Sep 23, 2016
2:09 pm

Commission Regulations

Stand Tall :CO: by Nebula-Nox

Paw #14 by Muffle-ReSFor your UnderstandingPaw #14 by Muffle-ReS

Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf1: If you need a refund I can not give it to you till 14 days have past, from the day you commissioned me.

Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf2: If you are in need of a refund, I can only give you back the points I received from you. Depending on how many points the commission pole takes away. I have refund prices listed with the commissions.

Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf3: You must give a ref that is rightfully yours. If, come to find out, the ref is stolen, that art will be given to the original owner as a gift and you will receive points back or given 1 free commission for the same price.

Bulletviolet by Wooded-Wolf4: If a commission you want isnt listen on my commissions widget, you may message me and ask me what point amount that commission will be. I will open a commission widget just for you.


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Hold Comms by EnjoumouAsk Trades by Enjoumou
FO Gifts by EnjoumouFO Collabs by EnjoumouFO Requests by Enjoumou

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Best Work:
Griffin  Mega Fire Blast! by GriffinBlood

Please know that i do sometimes skip around when it comes to art. I may start on someones before the next persons due, though i try to keep it in line. If I have a line up, sorry! May take me a bit.

Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf:Finished
Bulletamber by Wooded-Wolf:Working On
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-Wolf:Approaching

Personal Todo

Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfGrismo Ship Pic
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfDesign 7 Deities for CF Religion
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfDesign Super god Forms for 3 Gods
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfDesign Griffin's Third phase
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfDesign SnardSight's angel form
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfGriffin's complete ref sheet.
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfRef Sheets for- GoldenLeaf, Owleye, Skeletonfoot, Spiderstar, Batstar, Halfstar, MissingStar... Plus more.

To do



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Commissions wont be open for a bit. Sorry XD
messyviolence Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
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